Warlock Ascension

Seeking the light

Belgos and Xal’rym Valphandar, a sorcerer and noble of a minor house, set out from Ched Nasad for the surface. Belgos’s mentor has taken him on this journey several times before but this will be Xal’s first trip to the world of the sun. Aberrations and demons surrounding the tainted city of the drow could not stop these two wielders of the arcane from reaching their goal. Once they acclimated themselves to their new environment Belgos and Xal ventured along a river hoping to find a town where they might restock their supplies. They could not have known they were near the town of Shadowdale, a town whose citizens are no stranger to the evil drow’s surface raids. A hunting party of elves and men are out after a lair of Ettercaps who have settled in the area. They agree to resupply the two drow if they are willing to dispose of the spiderlike creatures. With a bit of reluctance the dark skinned elves agree, but the battle turns bad for Xal’rym. Before the hunting party can catch up to offer aid Xal falls in battle to the poison of a giant spider. After the battle only Belgos and 1 elven archer are left alive. The elf allows Belgos to take the supplies from his dead companions, but recommends he leave the area immediatly. Belgos ventures back upriver and notices a ruined series of fortresses and towers. He makes for these thinking of potential finds in the collapsed stonework. He stumbles upon a large man named Roar, in battle with 3 soldiers. Later Roar explains these were agents of the Zhentarim network, and that these ruins were once thier stronghold but his masters, the shades of netheril, now claim these lands.

Belgos meets Roar

Roar led Belgos into the empire of Netheril, where they explored the ruins of Raveriss. In the sunken city, Belgos came across a black alter that radiated power. Upon laying his hands on the alter Belgos fell into a dream state. A voice came to him, offering all the he desired, power and knowledge beyond any he has ever dreamed of. Belgos agreed to this and to serve the voice in exchange for these promises. Belgos awoke to find his weapon had been replaced with a scythe of charred wood and a blade made of shadow and fire.

Funding our trip

After taking part in a gambling organization that bets on fights in an expanded barroom, Belgos returned and used his abilities to steal the gamblers chest of gold. He narrowly escaped through a portal in an ally taking him to Roar on the mountains below, who waited with horses to make their escape. After pushing the mounts to their limits, the two made camp at the base of the Desertmouth mountains. A local hobgoblin tribe took notice of them and sent a party to eliminate them from their territory. They were ready for the ambush and quickly dispatched their would be killers.

Over the mountains

Belgos and Roar travel over the Desertmouth mountains and come to the cave home of Gooloo an orc boneshaman of Gruumsh. Gooloo tells them where to find Gurggall the hobgoblin war chief that is hunting them, for trespassing on his mountain. Gooloo also cast his bones and gives Belgos an ominous message concerning his dark powers. Belgos is confident in his power and unconcerned with the foolish orc’s warning. The hobgoblins are prepared for the PC’s arrival and the sounds of war drums fill the air as Belgos and Roar approach a stream running across a wide boulder strewn ledge before dropping off the side of the mountain. Hobgoblins appear from around the boulders and begin their attack. Gurrgall makes his appearance atop a pile of red colored rocks wielding a massive greatsword. Roar easily clears the distance of the small stream and charges into Gurgall’s minions. Belgos utilizes this natural barrier and unleashes a barrage of arcane energy. With his numbers dwindling Gurggall makes his stand atop his collection of blood rocks. He manages to severely wound roar, but in what he believes to be the last moments of his life Roar pulls off an amazing and dangerous attack maneuver and lands a killing blow. Roar recognizes Gurggalls sword for what it is and takes it as his prize.

Elemental magic

Belgos and Roar use Gurggall’s camp as a place to rest after their battle. But with supplies running low they must move on. Deep in the forest around Shadowdale a clearing reveals a stone vault door with runes carved into its face. After watching the party from the cover of the thick undergrowth the Genasi wizard Bryxl makes herself known. She claims to be the one who first discovered this ancient work, and doesn’t wish to be kept from its secrets any longer. A few tense moments pass before Belgos (who is now very curious as to what might be in this newly discovered vault) and Roar agree to help her gain entry. During the process of solving the puzzle giant scorpions and a vine horror attack the party after an incorrect decision with the elemental keystones summons the guardians. The vault door is soon opened, and the PC’s descend into the darkness of the forgotten depths. 3 rooms each pertaining to 1 of the 4 elements are the only works in the vault. Each has it’s own set of guardians, but this proves to be no match for the party of seasoned adventurer’s. Tokens taken from the keystones outside are placed in the plaques of their opposing elemental forces, the opposition representing the element of chaos. The final token unlocks and opens a shaft into the floor. The winds lower the PC’s slowly into a huge and strangely illuminated underground chamber. Across the broken and flooded floor lies a stone slab upon which rests a staff of elemental prowess. The emerald atop the staff holding a raging thunderstorm.


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