Warlock Ascension

Over the mountains

Belgos and Roar travel over the Desertmouth mountains and come to the cave home of Gooloo an orc boneshaman of Gruumsh. Gooloo tells them where to find Gurggall the hobgoblin war chief that is hunting them, for trespassing on his mountain. Gooloo also cast his bones and gives Belgos an ominous message concerning his dark powers. Belgos is confident in his power and unconcerned with the foolish orc’s warning. The hobgoblins are prepared for the PC’s arrival and the sounds of war drums fill the air as Belgos and Roar approach a stream running across a wide boulder strewn ledge before dropping off the side of the mountain. Hobgoblins appear from around the boulders and begin their attack. Gurrgall makes his appearance atop a pile of red colored rocks wielding a massive greatsword. Roar easily clears the distance of the small stream and charges into Gurgall’s minions. Belgos utilizes this natural barrier and unleashes a barrage of arcane energy. With his numbers dwindling Gurggall makes his stand atop his collection of blood rocks. He manages to severely wound roar, but in what he believes to be the last moments of his life Roar pulls off an amazing and dangerous attack maneuver and lands a killing blow. Roar recognizes Gurggalls sword for what it is and takes it as his prize.



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