Warlock Ascension

Elemental magic

Belgos and Roar use Gurggall’s camp as a place to rest after their battle. But with supplies running low they must move on. Deep in the forest around Shadowdale a clearing reveals a stone vault door with runes carved into its face. After watching the party from the cover of the thick undergrowth the Genasi wizard Bryxl makes herself known. She claims to be the one who first discovered this ancient work, and doesn’t wish to be kept from its secrets any longer. A few tense moments pass before Belgos (who is now very curious as to what might be in this newly discovered vault) and Roar agree to help her gain entry. During the process of solving the puzzle giant scorpions and a vine horror attack the party after an incorrect decision with the elemental keystones summons the guardians. The vault door is soon opened, and the PC’s descend into the darkness of the forgotten depths. 3 rooms each pertaining to 1 of the 4 elements are the only works in the vault. Each has it’s own set of guardians, but this proves to be no match for the party of seasoned adventurer’s. Tokens taken from the keystones outside are placed in the plaques of their opposing elemental forces, the opposition representing the element of chaos. The final token unlocks and opens a shaft into the floor. The winds lower the PC’s slowly into a huge and strangely illuminated underground chamber. Across the broken and flooded floor lies a stone slab upon which rests a staff of elemental prowess. The emerald atop the staff holding a raging thunderstorm.



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